Our reputation

We are a leader in fundraising campaigns. Based in Longueuil since 1976, PERFECTION has earned a sound reputation for premium quality, exclusive products and effective services. We help schools, home day-care providers, childcare centres, sport associations, dance schools, music schools, academic centres, non-profit organizations and many more to achieve all of their group/class projects.

Our range of products

All our products are selected with the highest level of care and meet superior quality standards. PERFECTION is committed to health and wellness. Therefore, we offer a selection of health-oriented and completely natural products. Moreover, you will find a choice of fair trade-certified products and CAC (Certified Allergen Control) certified peanut-free products.

Our mission is simple

Provide all the necessary tools to help our clients achieve an efficient fundraising campaign.

Our commitment

Listening to our customers, we are constantly working in order to meet their demands and thus evolve with them, allowing us to remain always at the top of the market. An optimal campaign requires good planning with good advices, good products and great service